Produced by Bergstein Flynn Knowlton & Pollina, "Objection! You're Fiction" provides an engaging and offbeat exploration of the legal quandaries facing our favorite characters in television and movies. Every episode invites listeners into the proverbial podcast chambers as our hosts, debate, discuss, and dissect the legal intricacies woven into these fictional narratives. From exploring the criminal liability of the Roy siblings in Succession to the child custody issues at play in Adam Sandler's Big Daddy, no fictional character is safe from the over zealous inquiries of our legal hosts. Featuring insightful conversations with guest attorneys, in-depth breakdowns of plot-specific legal scenarios, and an accessible approach that both legal professionals and layman fans can appreciate, "Objection! You're Fiction" challenges your perception of fictional worlds through the lens of the law. Whether you're a dedicated fan of cinematic universes, an ardent follower of prestige TV, or a legal enthusiast who just loves a good pointless debate, "Objection! You're Fiction" is the podcast for you. So tune in, and find out how your favorite fictional characters would fare in a real-world courtroom!