Business Employment Lawyer

As a business owner, one of the most important decisions you have to make is deciding who to hire, and who to fire. Ultimately the best way to protect your business is to create employment contracts that are designed specifically for your business. Like any type of contract, an employment agreement can address any number of issues and set specific terms and conditions.


While contracts can vary widely from industry to industry, we generally work with our clients to ensure that these key provisions are clearly thought out: 

  • Type and amount of compensation, including salary, commissions, and bonuses
  • Benefits, including health coverage, paid time off, stock options, retirement funds, and more
  • Job responsibilities and performance standards for the employee and how the employer will measure performance
  • Grounds for termination 
  • Nondisclosure agreements regarding the company’s confidential information
  • Noncompete agreements that limit the employee’s future employment after termination of the employment relationship
  • Length of the term of employment and any options for renewal
  • Severance agreements

All too often we see employment agreements that could cause problems to the employee or the employer at some point down the line. Many times provisions are overly broad or even unenforceable. If you are hiring an employee, or about to start a new job, always take the time to review the agreement with an experienced employment contracts attorney before you sign it.

Plan Your Business with a New York City Business Employment Attorney

At Bergstein Flynn & Knowlton, we can identify unfair or unfavorable terms and can help you negotiate for better ones. We will advise you about the contract’s legal implications so you can make the right decision. Call us today.