BFKP’s real estate attorneys negotiate and review commercial leases for landlords as well as tenants who operate businesses of all sizes – from startups to established enterprises. Whether you are looking to lease office space, retail space, or industrial space, our team of seasoned attorneys can help. We can assist you with every stage of the leasing process, from reviewing and negotiating the lease terms in a letter of intent to drafting and negotiating the final lease agreement.

We understand that every business has unique needs, and throughout the lease negotiation process, we will work closely with you to help mitigate risks and put your business in the best possible position for success. For our tenant clients who are not in the real estate business, we take extra care to make sure there is a clear understanding of all the legal implications that come with signing what is often a lengthy and complex lease document, and to ensure that our client’s interests are properly protected.

Our commercial leasing practice handles, among other things:

  1. Direct leases of office, retail/restaurant, and industrial property (gross or triple net)
  2. Subleases
  3. Assignments of lease
  4. Ground leases
  5. Sale-leaseback transactions
  6. Lease amendments, extensions, and other modifications
  7. Dispute resolution
  8. Lease expense analysis
  9. Review and negotiation of lease guaranties (both full and limited “good guy” guaranties)
  10. Review and negotiation of letters of credit to be posted as security for a lease

BFKP also represents commercial landlords and tenants in the event of a lease dispute.

We regularly litigate matters pertaining to:

  1. Payment of rent and additional rent
  2. Lease termination
  3. Surrender
  4. Enforcement of guaranties
  5. Construction issues, including “landlord’s work” and tenant improvements
  6. Yellowstone injunctions and evictions