At BFKP, we work tirelessly to preserve our clients interests and resolve their disputes without the expense and aggravation of a courtroom.  But, sometimes litigation is the best, if not the only, path to achieving a client’s goals. When the need arises, our dedicated business attorneys will collaborate with you to devise a litigation strategy to meet your or your business’ objectives in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Shaping A Narrative

At BFKP, we believe in the power of storytelling.  We shape every dispute, no matter how big or small, into a compelling narrative.  We use storytelling to demonstrate our clients’ likelihood of success, to demand our adversary’s attention, and ultimately, to persuade the court.  In short, we combat bland legal argument with a degree of humanism often missing from the legal profession.

Assessing the Narrative

Power of storytelling aside, litigation can be expensive and time consuming.  Which is why we take pains, before we step foot in a courtroom, to determine whether an aggressive litigation strategy is the right course of action for your particular situation.  Sometimes we use litigation as point of leverage; to force our adversary to settle a dispute on more reasonable terms. Other times, after surveying the dispute’s landscape, we recommend a measured approach.  But, when we make the decision to litigate, rest assured that we will offer a bold, aggressive strategy uniquely tailored to your specific goals.

Selling the Narrative

Telling your story effectively takes hard work.  In order to “sell the narrative,” we endeavor to fully understand the history of your dispute.  In today’s digital age, there is usually a paper trail of the material issues. We comb through that trail and work to determine what additional evidence is needed to effectively sell the narrative.

If you have been wronged or accused of wrongdoing, BFKP employs a bold, innovative and collaborative approach to litigation to help you.  Litigation can be daunting, expensive and lengthy. But, here at BFKP we work hard to make sure that our clients make a fully informed choice before they engage in litigation and to keep them informed and engaged throughout the process.

Call a New York City Business Litigation Attorney

If you need to take your situation to court, it is wise to place a call to a New York City business litigation lawyer.