My Child was Suspended. What Now?

In New York, there are two types of suspensions, principal’s suspensions and Superintendent’s suspensions. A principals suspension lasts from one to five school days. A Superintendent’s suspension can last from six days up to one year. Regardless of the type of suspension your child has received, you should have received written notice from the school within 24 hours. This notice should explain the charges against your child, and the time and place of the suspension conference or hearing. If you did not receive this written notice, or it did not include the necessary information, the suspension is not official and your child should return to school.

How Can We Fight the Charges?

It is important to remember that no suspension is official until your child has had the opportunity to have a hearing. If your child has received a principal’s suspension, the principal must schedule a conference within five days. During the conference, the principal must explain what your child has been accused of doing, explain the evidence against your child, and provide your child a chance to tell his or her side of the story. Then the principal must issue a written decision about the suspension and may dismiss or uphold the decision to suspend your child.

A Superintendent’s suspension involves a much more formal hearing. This type of hearing is more like a trial, where you and your child will appear before a Hearing Officer who will hold a trial, and decide if your child did what the school accuses your child of having done. They will also decide what the appropriate consequence is. It is important that you prepare for this type of hearing and request the suspension packet from the school as soon as you can.

Reach Out to a New York City Student Disciplinary Hearing Attorney

If your child has gotten in trouble at school and is facing academic penalties, retain the services of a New York City disciplinary lawyer.