Breaking up is hard to do — especially in business.  Especially in New York! Partnership disputes can threaten to destroy a business.  There is much at stake during the early phase of such a dispute and much that can go wrong.  Thus, it is in your best interest to employ a seasoned business litigator to advocate on your behalf as soon as possible.  Why a litigator? While our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients reach the best outcome as cost-efficiently as possible, there are times where the threat of litigation or litigation is necessary to achieve those goals.  Even at the negotiation stage, it is important that your adversary understand that if your goals are not satisfactorily met, you are unafraid to enforce them in a court of law. In addition, we think that it is a winning negotiation requires the same preparatory steps as litigation: understanding the story, reviewing the relevant law, and applying your story to that law to make the best arguments.  

When we cannot resolve your dispute outside of the courtroom, we advance a strategic, aggressive approach to reaching your goals through litigation.  Before doing so, we will work with you to understand your goals, help you understand what the litigation process entails, and try to fashion a budget that works for you.  Through zealous litigation, we have successfully assisted corporate founders and shareholders to obtain favorable outcomes to their disputes.

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