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Four Critical Clauses to Include in Your Home Improvement Contract

Whether you’re making improvements to the home you share with your family or to a fixer-upper you purchased to rent out for extra income, starting a new home improvement project is always exciting. Homeowners often hire contractors to carry out big renovations for them.  These renovations, particularly in New York City and the surrounding counties are extremely expensive. Despite this, most people don’t invest the Read More

What is Obstruction? A BFK Primer

On Wednesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made his first public statement since, well, ever? He carefully water danced around interpreting the report that lines bookshelves and, likely, several coffee tables in the metropolitan area.  His statement further entrenched both sides of the “Did He or Didn’t He?” debate in their respective positions. Critically, and quite likely purposely, Mueller failed to distill the Read More

Betting on the New Big Player in Town

It’s been weeks, or maybe months, and the big announcement you’ve been waiting for has finally come: “XYZ Company” is moving its headquarters to Greenacre. All the experts agree: it will be a “game-changer” for the area, creating new jobs, new commerce and the kind of demand for surrounding real estate that investors and speculators dream of. Time to pay the premium, put up that down payment and get in on the action? Read More

A Resilient Reunion, the Next Gen, and Justice in the Criminal Justice System

September Partners' Picks Looking for something worthwhile to read the next time your subway is delayed? Here are some recommendations from the partners at BFK Law. Lee Bergstein It is Fall so let's turn to the small screen. As a big Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fan, it should come as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot episode of director Michael Gondry and Jim Carrey's reunion Read More

Meet a Client — Suited

Here at BFK one of our favorite parts of the job is having the opportunity to work with founders and small business owners. We also love being able to share the exciting work that they're doing with our friends. In this week's letter we want to introduce you to Suited Magazine, an incredibly impressive fashion and art publication, whose seventh issue will be coming in the next few weeks. Check them out here and Read More

Data, Tweets, and Thieves

Lee Bergstein  The Unlikely Advocates Who Took on Silicon Valley–and Won. (Nicholas Confessore, The New York Times): “It’s like selling you coffee and making it your job to decide if the coffee has lead in it.” This is the model by which Silicon Valley (most notably Facebook and Google) has been using to collect your data. This article tells the story of Alastair Mactaggart, a real estate developer, who is Read More

The Airbnb Crackdown, ICE Raids, and The Man Who Cracked the Lottery

Partners' Picks - July Looking for something worthwhile to read the next time your subway is delayed? Here are some recommendations from the partners at BFK Law: Lee Bergstein The Man Who Cracked the Lottery (by Reid Forgrave, New York Times Magazine): This one will be a movie someday -- the story of Eddie Tipton, the information-security director for the Multi-State Lottery, who used a simple piece of code to Read More

Business Law 101: How to Reduce Your Exposure to Lawsuits

Lawsuits are expensive, and we live in an increasingly litigious society. Business owners often cringe at the thought of having to deal with a legal claim. For some small businesses, a lawsuit could completely undermine their business, which may mean that it has to close its doors. Companies large and small should take steps to minimize their exposure to potential liability. You can do that by using the following Read More

4 Advantages Real Estate Lawyers Have Over Title Insurance Companies

When you buy a home, you are provided the title to the property. That title gives you legal ownership that is based on the specific type of title you receive. In some situations, there is a mistake in the title that can affect your rights to a property. It could even mean that someone else has legal rights to your real estate. Title insurance provides you with some protection if this type of defect is found. As Read More

What to Do if You Are Under Investigation for Tax Fraud

The Internal Revenue Service (and the tax agency for the state you live in) has extensive investigatory powers. Although an investigation  does not automatically mean that you will be charged and convicted of tax fraud, it can certainly lead to those adverse consequences. That means that you should take the process seriously and get help. The following tips and suggestions are a good starting point if you get a Read More