Bradley Pollina Published in New York Law Journal Discussing Mechanic’s Liens

On March 24, 2023, BFKP partner Bradley Pollina published an article in the New York Law Journal that analyzed a recent court ruling invalidating a mechanic’s lien filed by a scaffolding subcontractor on a New York City property.  The decision...
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BFK is Now BFKP!

Today we are very excited to announce that BFK is now BFKP, with the addition of our newest partner Bradley Pollina. Brad is a commercial litigator and business attorney who has practiced for nearly a decade in New York City. Brad joins...
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BFKP Journeys Into the Metaverse

One of our firm’s New Year's resolutions is to continue to explore and incorporate innovative technologies that make our practice more efficient and effective. To that end, we have decided to start 2022 by traversing what many are calling the...
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