How will a criminal conviction affect my future?

It depends.  A criminal conviction can have collateral consequences affecting your employment, your ability to obtain certain licenses and your status in the country, if you are not a citizen.  In New York State, if you have not been convicted of more than one felony, you are eligible to apply for a “Certificate of Relief from Disabilities.”  This, in theory, is intended to prevent employers and license providers from refusing to offer you employment or a license solely on the basis of your conviction(s) unless the nature of those convictions directly affects your responsibility.  For instance, a crime of dishonesty, like stealing, may be used by any employer as the basis for denying your employment.  You may be able to apply for this certificate on your own, but be aware that its issuance is at the discretion of the judge who sentenced you.  That is why many people choose to have an attorney assist them.  In addition, certain types of convictions trigger automatic sealing and/or are eligible to be conditionally sealed after the completion of a program.  In October, those convicted of misdemeanors and certain less serious felonies which are more than ten years old will be eligible to have their convictions conditionally sealed.  Consult with an attorney for more information!

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